Dave & Kathleen

Dave: My name's Dave Bounten, I live in Stoke-on-Trent. I'm a retired Ex-miner.

Kathleen: Hi, I'm Kathleen Bounten. I'm retired and I come from Stoke-on-Trent.

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Sharon: Hi, my name is Sharon from Avery. I'm an optical assistant. I was looking to sell my house and looking for somewhere else with a garage because I want a classic car with my husband Neal. We decided to have both houses sold and put that money into one house. We wanted a Triumph Dolomite car. Found Springbok online. We found it through Facebook. Then we phoned them up, really easy to contact, got us booked in for the viewings and the prices of the house and said what their fees were. That included three different options and we went for the middle option, which they pay for the solicitors' fees, so that's the reason that I went with them.

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Susan Quinn

Susan: Hi, my name's Susan Quinn and live in Leicester. I'm a veterinary clinical pathologist at a small animal teaching hospital. I decided to sell my house because I've got severe osteoarthritis. I lived in a three-bedroom house and for the last six months I was there, I wasn't able to get upstairs and use any of the bedrooms. I was sleeping downstairs in the bedroom, so it was definitely time to look for something ground floor on one level that would also be easier for me to look after.

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Fanny Dwyer

Fanny: Hi, my name's Fanny Dwyer. I'm from Liverpool and I'm a registered nurse. I'm looking to sell my house and I was unsure where to sell it and then I thought of Springbok as I'd heard of that and knew that it was a firm that I could trust. I found out about Springbok about 20 years ago and it just stuck there, really. I'd inherited a property from my mother and I wanted to sell it as quickly as possible and Springbok was the best option doe me after making inquiries.

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David Harris

David: Hi, my name is David Harris. I've recently sold my property

We have two main types of clients. Cash guaranteed clients that want a sale in days or weeks. They don't want to go on the market and they don't want client viewers. Or, we have clients that want a dull market value sale with the security of auction. This includes buyer deposits, proceedable buyers with a fast sale, quick completion.

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