Let's meet some of our happy clients with their homemade video testimonials…

Vanessa: I'm Vanessa and I've moved for the second time with Springbok. They're brilliant.

Six years ago, I sold my house in Sayle through Springbok in three months. And It's been away for six months by the seaside, wanted to come back to Manchester. So I rang back Springbok again. and they did very well for me. They sold my place.

Springbok rep: For most people, the top priority is speed and price. They want to achieve the highest offers in the shortest possible time. At Springbok Properties, we've developed our whole business around understanding these two concepts. We utilize an innovative, systematic approach to estate agency that's gained us a reputation for being one of the fastest and most efficient agents in the business.

Vanessa: The agents are very supportive and helpful, always on the phone saying 'can we do this? Is this okay?' So yeah, I'd recommend them to anybody.

Springbok Rep: We’re open 24/7 so if you need to get in touch, someone's always here to take your call at a time that suits you – day or night.

Vanessa: It's very quick, it's very defined. You have people asking you questions then they'll pass you on to somebody else. So everybody's introduced. It's explained what this person does, what's going to happen next, what I need to know, how I need to handle viewings, all that kind of thing. It's very organized, which is great for me.

Springbok rep: What will be valuable to you is to speak to us and allow us to tailor our services to your situation in a timescale that works for you.

We have a fantastic culture based on transparency and hard work within the business, always backed up by an amazing team who've been with the business for many years.

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