Sachin Handa

Morning, everyone. I'm Sachin, I've served in the army over 20 years and I'm just about to retire from the army. We had a property in the Midlands which we wanted to sell before moving to our own first house after finishing the army.

The reason I chose Springbok, I'd seen their adverts on Facebook and listened to some testimonials which were quite positive and – that seemed like a dumb thing because I'm very old-fashioned and I like the local estate agent blah-blah-blah. 

I think I chose Springbok first. I'd gone to the local estate agent. They were like, doing their own thing because I was very new to it, I don't know what to expect. But I wasn't able to sell for two or three months and the views were very few. So, I got in touch with Springbok and they assured me that that they can sell the property within months. I was still nervous about being online as a beginner.

So, I chose them. They had given me a right figure, this is how much it's going to cost you with the solicitor fees and everything; it\s like one figure which was like – I thought maybe there's a catch, I was always very negative about it. On the first weekend, it was over 20 viewings, which I was like, what has just happened? Because with the local estate agent that wasn't the case.

I was based in Colchester and the property was there. I never visited my property, the team in Springbok is very young and dynamic and the guy I dealt with, he was actually ex-army. And the lady I dealt with, she's called Natalie Jackson, she's absolutely awesome. It doesn’t matter when you ring her, she always got back to you when you leave a message. She doesn't work on Wednesdays – I know that now!

I was very confused. I was a little bit like, not sure what this Springbok is. But believe me, I'm not joking, I'm not kidding, it has made things done me. I will use that in future and I will recommend that to my family and friends as well.

And good luck with your thing because I find that it was really stress-free for me because they have taken the lead, and I didn't pay any penny extra than what I was quoted initially. 

So, all the best, good luck.

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