George French

Hi, my name is George, currently in Glasgow and I've sold my property using Springbok Properties as my property management to manage the sale of my property.

How I came about Springbok was using online, I was researching various property companies that are able to sell. I looked at Springbok and their kind of reviews and the kind of feedback I had from the research was really confident. I was looking for a company that would be able to sell my property in a short amount of time because of the requirement for me to relocate to London for a new role.

I made a quick decision based on the positive reviews that I had online and reading through the company’s process and also looking at their positive reviews. It made it a lot easier for me to contact them to perform the sale.

Overall, the process has been very streamlined and you can easily get feedback and communication between myself and the staff members were very excellent. They explained what was going to happen, any next steps that I needed to be taking and any kind of information that they needed to inform me. They were extremely efficient. Whenever I sent an email or sent a call to them, they were able to answer my questions and respond to me in an efficient and quick manner.

The sale of this property from my point of view has been the most fastest sale, within one day of putting the property on the market. And I was able to achieve the value that I was looking for, for the sale of this property.

I believe the team is extremely adequate and excellent communicators, providing customer service was the perfect customer service throughout the whole journey. I can remember a couple of people that I communicated with on a regular basis was Matthew, Jodie Jenna. The sales negotiator was able to get me the value I was looking for, for the property.

And I really appreciate their support and their help during this time of my difficulties, making sure that I'm able to sell my property in a friendly way.

I would say the recommendation for this company is excellent and I would recommend this company Springbok to anybody who is looking to sell their property. Also even looking to buy a property in that facet. They are extremely professional people, friendly, and also they are caring people who listened to my needs of initially looking for a quick way of selling my property so that it would enable me to relocate due to my work conditions. And they supported me throughout the process, explaining what the next steps are and linking me up to the necessary sales agent and negotiation and also the settlement of the sale.

I'm really, really happy with their services and I look forward to working with you all once again. Thank you.

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