Debbie Maskery

Hi, my bane's Debbie and I live in Suffolk. I wanted to sell my property and I went through the internet and I found Springbok. I decided to give them a ring. They were very, very helpful and that was one of the best phone calls I've made.

I spoke to a bloke called Ahmed first. He explained everything, he emailed it all over to me. Quickly he got a photographer out and they very, very quickly sold my property. I even decided to go with their in-house solicitor which was really, really good; and both sides of Springbok and the solicitors, everything I needed to know, they'd contact me either by phone or by email.

They kept me in the loop all the time. The staff were amazing, friendly and kind and very, very, very helpful. And so were the solicitors that I spoke to.

I would not hesitate in contacting them ever again if I ever had to sell a property again. They would be my first call, And I've also suggested to any friends or family, if they want to sell a house, they need to go to Springbok because they were excellent. I was so pleased and 100% positive that I was happy with selling my house with them.

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